Dental Handpiece Repair Using Ceramic Bearings

Since clay heading have been around a couple of years I might want to share a few perceptions about their support.

At first ceramic heading were offered to the hand piece fix professional as not requiring any oil since they are pre greased up and fixed. As a result of this we were offering them to you as no lube orientation.

They truly do endure longer than the treated steel course utilized previously. Anyway most fixed ceramic course that I find in my fixes are enduring between one to a half year.

Model: I have one client that bearings manufacturer lube their hand pieces. With tempered steel direction their maintenance would go on around four to about a month and a half. Subsequent to switching them over completely to fired orientation their administration rate has expanded to six to seven months. Anyway this can shift significantly contingent upon brand and use.

I have another client that likewise doesn’t lube their hand pieces. Presumably on the grounds that the brand of hand piece was offered to them as a no lube hand piece. Involving ABEC7 appraised clay orientation in their maintenance they get around a month and a half help. This is a horrible measure of time with a generally excellent bearing.

Note: The ABEC7 evaluated bearing is viewed as a top notch trade bearing for dental use.

Consider greasing up your earthenware no lube direction.

I have a few clients who grease up their drills when cleaning.

These clients are getting considerably more time between reconstructs utilizing similar course and similar drills. The best technique is by all accounts to put three or four drops of hand piece oil up high opening and a couple of drops in the throw. Then, at that point, run the hand piece until everything oil is removed. Next disinfect and afterward lube it again before capacity.

This is somewhat more work however in the event that you can slice your remake costs down the middle it is definitely justified. I’m prescribing this technique to my clients as a whole.

I have a few contemplations about why. Assessing the direction that are bombing rashly, I’m finding the seal on the bearing is twisted marginally permitting the lube to be delivered. The “O” ring in the top of the hand piece is hard and some of the time permitting air to spill through. Is it likely that the gaseous tension is being acclimated to make up for a terrible “O” ring in the hand piece.

Assuming this is the case this would make sense of the why the orientation sheared off at the inward race after just a month and a half. Pneumatic force ought to be 32 PSI any higher will obliterate the course.

Greasing up the hand piece as depicted above will keep the “O” rings flexible and support the right air seal. Likewise the drills that utilization clasps and washers will remain more clean. The toss and impeller will run smoother causing less weight on the course. Likewise assuming the seal actually twists the lube can get to the course broadening their life.

This question was presented to me. “For what reason did the drill last more than a year when it was new and the reconstruct doesn’t?” Great inquiry.

The response is, In the event that you go to the maker and buy the first turbine you will pay the consequences for it. This is on the grounds that the first heading are of better quality and are fabricated than the makers determinations.


The direction that the producer utilizes are made by the very organizations that we buy from. Anyway the maker has freedoms to the particular heading they use so they can be provided to you at a greater expense. The reseller’s exchange orientation are likewise excellent yet are more affordable so a remake is reasonable.

The regular reseller’s exchange remake is about a third the expense of what the maker will charge you. Assuming you lube your orientation and utilize the drill at the right gaseous tension there isn’t a lot of contrast in dependability among unique and secondary selling direction.

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