Discover the Best Companies Willing to Donate Raffle Prizes 2024

Raffle baskets are a great option for non-profit organizations that wish to sell lots of tickets to raffles and earn easy money from their fundraising event.

If you decide to auction off baskets as part of an auction silent or let them go to raffle Chinese Auction style with tickets and raffle baskets, they will definitely offer the best value for money.

Additionally when you work directly with donors, sponsors and suppliers, you could effectively procure raffle baskets at minimal cost, allowing more money go directly to your cause and your objectives. There are companies willing to donate raffle prizes 2024.

One of the most difficult aspects when hosting a fundraiser for a charity is figuring out which raffle items will be a draw for guests and increase the sales of raffle tickets. It is best to investigate your attendees and look at previous auction sales and raffle item interest to figure out the items they’ve been known to buy.

We’ve compiled many ideas that are foolproof for raffle baskets, no matter your budget. These ideas are guaranteed to draw attention and boost your chances of success. This guide will get your creativity flowing!

Best Raffle Basket Ideas:

Here are a few of the most effective baskets for raffles. Make sure you combine them with a well-thought out auction strategy to maximize your chances of your event to success.

Travel Package Basket

The travel packages are an essential part for any event that is high-end And luckily, they’re adjustable to baskets for raffles. All you need to do to design the perfect travel basket is:

A pair of travel tickets

Accommodations Certificate

Tickets to local attractions, or for sightseeing

Images and other tangible items that can be used to give the appearance of a promotion!

They are also ideal to promote events or for coverage prior to them because they’ll bring exactly the right type of guests.

Ticket Basket

Another raffle basket that is a big ticket includes the tickets basket. While many fundraisers will only give tickets to one sports event, it might be fun to increase the ante by combining all the tickets you donate.

This can go a long way to influencing bids, especially when you consider that there are major tournaments (aka the Superbowl or the US Open) sharing a bid number. You can get benefit from companies willing to donate raffle prizes 2024.

Membership Basket

Baskets of membership are ideal for school events or ones designed for those who have young children. They’re usually easy to pack, since non-profit organizations usually have a wide selection of membership options to pick from.

Make sure you include the following items popular with members in your basket for raffles:

Museums – regional or local


Bike share programs

Meal service plans

Exercise classes, gyms or fitness programs

Art classes or art club

With a variety of options this basket is great for those who don’t want to become bored by their prizes.

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