What Is a Kanban Board and How to Use It? Basics Explained.

The Kanban board is a tool for workflow visualization, designed to help you bring clarity to your work process and enhance efficiency gratis kanban board

 by limiting work in progress. 
With this new level of transparency, you will quickly identify problematic work stages, and by improving those, your team will soon work more efficiently.  

In this guide, we will explain what a Kanban board is, discuss the basics, and clarify important details you need to understand, especially if you are a beginner.

Kanban (English: signboard) started as a visual scheduling system, part of the Toyota production system. A few decades  , David Anderson further developed the Kanban method’s idea and introduced the Kanban board. Indeed, Darren Davis (Anderson’s colleague) was the one who suggested that the workflow should be visualized on a whiteboard. This is how the Kanban board was born, as we know it today, to become one of the most useful   tools for knowledge work. Nowadays, its usage by Agile teams is so widespread that you can often hear people refer to Kanban boards as agile task boards. 

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